The Chase Harper Ruckus Bag - My Everyday Adventure

The Chase Harper Ruckus Bag - My Everyday Adventure

I like to think of myself as an adventurous person who likes to slake his wanderlust by riding on his favorite ride – my coveted Honda Ruckus. Gifted to me on my 16th birthday, there is not a single day I do not ride my Ruckus in the hilly areas of my Virginian home state. Riding through the greenery I am able to soak in all the very best that the environment has to offer and it is no surprise that I head out for a weekend camping trip more often than not.

Whether with my mates or all alone, enjoying my solitude, I can spend time under the stars without missing out on the fast paced life I otherwise live. The Honda Ruckus has enabled me to travel and explore more in the surrounding areas of my home, and I have been able to travel more independently now. As a self-proclaimed traveler, my independence is something I highly cherish.

My Packed Story

As an amateur camper, I foolishly once packed my backpack on one of my numerous camping trips. Backpacks are good for books and things that can be packed upright. It is very uncomfortable, however, when clothes and other necessities are packed one on top of the other and you want something at the very bottom of the bag. In a confined space, maneuvering becomes highly challenging and getting what you want, when you want it becomes a highly frustrating endeavor.

Carrying a backpack on a Honda Ruckus is a separate story altogether. Not being able to store it under the seat and carrying it on your bag becomes tiring. The backpack becomes a bulky load that is not at all a recommended option – at least where I am concerned.

A Lucky Find

Learning about my difficulty and love of traveling short distances for overnight trips, my cousin told me about something that completely revolutionized my short trips, and which made for a more comfortable experience overall.

He had seen the Chase Harper Ruckus Bag, a hold-all style, under-the-seat bag that is specially designed for my Honda Ruckus utility bike. When you talk about utility, the bag ticks all the boxes. It fits all my essentials in a compact compartment and is easy to use. It makes for speedy packing as well as unpacking and keeps all the clothes in good order without me having to delve deep into a bag and ruining the folds. It keeps everything orderly, from my shirts, to my shorts and a separate pocket for toiletries.

It fits perfectly in the compartment under my bike seat, and I do not need to worry about it falling off or carrying the weight of it on my back when I am riding.

I love my Harper bag.  The construction is top-notch and it's made in the good 'ol USA. If I want to remove the bag and carry it, the supplied shoulder strap makes it easy and comfortable.  The CH Ruckus bag has altered my adventures forever and I'm not going back!  I plan to slack my wanderlust every moment I get, now more carefree than ever.  

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