I have a 15 year old saddle bag with a Chase Harper USA logo. Is it covered by a warranty? 

Yes all Chase Harper USA bags with our logo are covered by a Lifetime Warranty. If you see a tag with a statement such as, "manufactured by Chase Harper USA" but you don't find our logo, you would then have to refer back to the company where you originally purchased the bag.  When in doubt just call toll free 877-965-7977.

How do I clean my bags?

The best way to clean your bag is to blow it out with air, hand wash with mild soap & warm water, then let air dry. To wash in a washing machine first remove all removable hardware & inserts (make sure to remember how they go back together). After removing all excessive dirt & grime place the bag in the washer and set on light to normal cycle. Use cold to warm water and mild detergent but NO BLEACH!  Hang Dry. Do Not Dry Clean or put in Dryer.

How Can I Repair a Sun-Faded Bag?

This is a problem with all items in the sun. For this matter you can speak to the expert himself, Ron Harper.  Call 877-965-7977.