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3240BCNW CR2 Collapsible Saddle bags

3240BCNW CR2 Collapsible Saddle bags

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New Age sportbikes present a challenge to not only the rider but our designers as well. We needed to figure a way to get the bags to hold enough, be stable at speed and not get burned by the newest high pipes and undertail exhausts. Sometimes the obvious is just to, well, obvious.

On a recent to trip traipsing around Italy on a Ducati 749 and ST4 we experienced this nice gentle side to side movement that we knew was the precursor to the wild tank slapper that was about to come. Through experimentation we determined that the ST4's saddle bags were like 2 big rudders back there. Ok there's warning about excess speed with saddle bags, yeah yeah, but think about it...Italy, great weather, Ducatis, no speed limit? We aren't advocating high speeds with bags on but in case you do happen to go a wee bit fast you don't want your bags to affect your riding. So the obvious thing was to make them shaped like arrow flights. The CR2 saddle bags are tapered from front to back. They can be strapped up to fix any loose interior load or tucked away completely when empty. Yes the are collaspible saddlebags.

They ride higher than ordinary saddlebags so that they clear pipes. They also have way less chance of flopping into a wheel while leaned over too. By riding high on the tail section they aren't going to get burned by the exhaust anytime before your body work burns.

Mounting these are tricky but we give you enough cord, straps, clips and mounting points to do a good. Of course you could always call Ron and get more ways to mount it.

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  • Constructed with Industrial Grade Ballistic Nylon
  • Bungee Criss-crossed on the top lids
  • Floating side panel base
  • New silent zippers and NEW zipper Technology which is less abrasive
  • Slip-not rubberized bike protection side panel
  • Multi-Triangle for additional strap down system or shoulder strap
  • Fold down system
  • Sport Style Free form
  • Throw over-seat design with Carrying Handle
  • Quick disconnect hook & loop securing straps
  • High Visibility Reflective Strip
  • Dimensions: 14" x 9" x 10.5" (per side)
  • Volume: 2646 cubic inches or about 43.4 liters of space !
  • Color : Black
  • World Famous Lifetime Warranty

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