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Chase Harper USA

2250BC Hip Pouch, 2254BC Tankbag Pouch, 2258 Frame mount Hip Pouch

2250BC Hip Pouch, 2254BC Tankbag Pouch, 2258 Frame mount Hip Pouch

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Motorcycles are so great these days. The Ducatti 749s that one of the designers of this bag rides is no exception. From style to braking to handling there's no question these bikes are made to be ridden. Ah, but there's an issue with this and many other bikes like it - where do you put stuff?
This handy little bag started life as an add-on bag for every Chase Harper USA bag with the elastic draw strings. Certainly handy as the catch all for things likes keys, cell phones, glasses and what not but with an added twist it's also this neat little strap on bag. By adding holes (can you do that?) in the back and incorporating non-elastic cord with locks this bag becomes a semi-permanent mini-saddle bag. That's right you can attach it to practically any tube or part of your bike by capturing the bag with the drawstrings and pulling it tight. Four (4) mounting points at each corner (diagonally placed for max flexibility) make it secure and virtually universal.
If you are looking for that neat little place to stuff your stuff then this may be the bag for you. It's worked so well on the 749s and other bikes we decided to make it a permanent part of our product line up as it's own stand alone item. We hope you find it as useful as all the riding designers at Chase Harper USA have.

2258 Mounting Instruction 


  • Sport Style Hip Pouch
  • 3 Different styles 2250 Hip Pouch, 2254 Tankbag Pouch & 2258 Frame mount Hip Pouch
  • New Silent # 8 zippers & NEW zipper technology
  • Multiple pockets
  • Industrial Grade Ballistic Urethane Coated Nylon Fabric 
  • New silent zippers and NEW zipper Technology which is less abrasive
  • Multiple uses from Hip pouch to camera bag to accessory bag etc
  • Dimensions: Length 8" x Width 2.75" x Height 5"
  • Volume 110 cubic inches or 1.8 liters of space
  • Colors : Black
  • World Famous Lifetime Warranty
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